The Roadhouse Group, LLC: a consulting firm covering Management, Private Equity Due Diligence, and Temporary Company CFO/COO services.

Due Diligence:
On Site management interviews – capability and capacity reports.
On Site business practice review – does the business representation on paper match reality.
Organization structure stress tests – what happens if forecast is met, does the company have the ability with the quality of its staff to survive growth.
Accounting systems functionality and straight line processing capacity – Systems background combined with accounting, finance and financial markets experience.

Management Consulting:
Investment advocacy – understanding what happened and what’s going to happen to current investment.
Investment representation – participate as board member or trustee, representing investment group or individual investor. Have previously acted as an SEC CCO, an SEC Mutual Fund President, and an Acting CEO and board member.

Management Consulting:
Equity and Fixed income management experience combined with top 5% derivatives knowledge and experience. Perform risk reviews that may be approved and executed by client’s financial advisor or asset management representatives.